Transform your sales strategy with social selling

Buyers on LinkedIn expect sales reps to provide value not sales pitches

Did you know that74% of buyers choose the company that was FIRST to add value and insight?

Buyers on LinkedIn expect sales reps to provide value not sales pitches.

But most social selling programmes are destined to fail, due to a lack of training and guidance.

Babushka Social boasts a healthy track record for businesses in this area, including setting up the social selling programmes for RBS Bank.

We offer LinkedIn training webinars customised to your team’s needs.

Learn how to be the company buyers want to do business with.

Why Social Selling is a must for B2B Sales


Your potential customers are researching product solutions long before they speak to your company.

Being active on LinkedIn helps buyers find and choose you when they’re ready to engage.


LinkedIn is your shop window.

Potential customers will check you out on LinkedIn. Does your LinkedIn profile create the right first impression?


Harvard Business Review reports 90% of B2B decision makers never respond to cold outreach.

Being active on LinkedIn is essential to reach new buyers when they’re ready to buy.


Being seen as an authority in your field is key to engaging the modern buyer.

92% of B2B customers are willing to engage with sales reps who are industry thought leaders. Posting valuable content regularly on LinkedIn boosts credibility.

Here’s how Babushka Social can help


1. LinkedIn training webinars for sales teams


2. LinkedIn coaching for senior leaders, either 121 or in small peer groups


3. Developing social media guidelines to help keep your brand safe online


4. LinkedIn training for employee advocacy programmes.

LinkedIn Group Courses

Customised to your team’s requirements and delivered live online, we include:

  • how to post on LinkedIn
  • what to post
  • how to grow your network
  • how to create a LinkedIn profile that screams credibility
  • how to establish your professional brand
  • how to comment on LinkedIn posts to build trust and attract interest.

Before the course we will discuss your LinkedIn challenges to work out the best approach to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Is this course for you?


You manage, or are in a team, seeking to improve sales performance using LinkedIn


Your team know the LinkedIn basics but are not posting frequently


Your team don’t have time to use LinkedIn


Your team wants to learn how to generate pipeline business using LinkedIn


Your team are unsure what to post


You want to learn as a group at a time that suits your team.

121 Coaching for Leaders

Looking to enhance your online professional brand?

Learn how to get seen on LinkedIn. Get help with what to post, and how to post.

121 coaching offers dedicated advice that’s tailored for you.

121 coaching is ideal for:

  • C-level executives who want to position themselves as thought leaders
  • busy executives who want to maximise the value of the time spent training
  • top-up group training, e.g., following a group course
  • to solve specific problem areas for your professional brand.

How it works:

Pick a time that suits you

Ask us anything about LinkedIn

We set the agenda based on your needs, not a course.

In the booking form, let us what problem you need help with

You’ll receive a recording of the call

so you don’t need to take notes.

The number one reason leaders don’t use LinkedIn is that they don’t understand it, and they underestimate its power.

Let’s work together to change that.

Whatever your business is, get the knowhow to power up your social channels.